The Color-Coding Solution: Durlon® Identa-Seal® Program

Engineers and procurement managers are inundated with choices of black elastomers and fluoroelastomer materials for gaskets and critical sealing applications. In normal lighting, the similarities between seals can cause confusion, accidental product mix-ups, and, ultimately, dangerous and costly gasket failure.  

To combat material mix-ups and catastrophic failures, Gasket Resources Inc. (GRI®) is proud to introduce Durlon® Identa-Seal®, the first line of color-coded sealing materials made from 100% Genuine Viton® fluoroelastomers. With Identa-Seal®, you’ll never have to worry about guessing between gaskets and sealing materials again.iStock_000040025962_Large.jpg

The Identa-Seal® family consists of A-Black/UV Fluorescent, B-Blue, and GF-S-Gold, each boasting many benefits to simplifying gasket and seal material selection:

  • 100% Genuine Viton® fluoroelastomers from DuPont® Performance Elastomers
  • Exclusive Identa-Seal® Color Code
  • Ideal for process safety enhancements and standardization programs
  • Designed to eliminate the risk of costly material mix-ups
  • Thoroughly tested and proven superiority from an independent third party

Extensive third-party testing has found Identa-Seal® more temperature and chemical resistant than other carbon black-filled materials. Identa-Seal® is:

  • Better equipped to withstand high temperatures and retain good mechanical properties than any other elastomer parts
  • Chemically resistant all throughout the recommended temperature range
  • Oil and chemical resistant at elevated temperatures
  • Serviceable in a wide variety of applications up to temperatures of:
    • -17° for GRI-A
    • -13° for GRI-B
    • -6° for GRI-GF-S

 Gasket Resources Inc. is a leader in technology-driven fluid sealing solutions. We are proud to offer Identa-Seal® color-coded products to help our customers select the right elastomer for their project. Available in sheets, fabricated gaskets, and O-rings, Identa-Seal® is the ideal solution for a broad range of diverse gasket and sealing applications.

 For more information about the Identa-Seal® Program and the distinct properties of each product, download our free brochure.