Rail Tank Car Industry

Rail-Tank Car

Rail Tank Car Industry

Durlon® 9000

CNC cut Durlon® 9000 filled PTFE cuts cost by eliminating center waste in large diameter gaskets.

Gasket Applications

  • Pressure Plate
  • Safety Valve
  • Manway
  • Bottom Outlet Valve
  • Angle Valve
  • Fittings Assembly

DURLON® Railroad Tank Car Technical Handbook

Items Covered:

  • Gasket Installation
  • Gasket/Commodities Compatibilities
  • Tank Car Torque Values
  • Conversion Factors


“We were pleased to learn through testing by our laboratory that GRI’s Durlon® 9000 material is acceptable for use in all commodities we ship. Simplifying to one gasket material has helped Sunoco with compatibility, performance, and standardization. We have confidence in the suitability and traceability of the branded Durlon® 9000 gasket material and have received excellent technical support and customer service.” Read More

Sunoco, Inc.

Union Tank Car

For torque worksheet by car set, contact GRI Technical Services at 281-380-3548 or tech@durlon.com

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