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Compressed gasket sheets are made from a proprietary manufacturing process using elastomers, synthetic fibers, and minerals. Designed for easy cutting and installation, each sheet is coated with anti-stick materials. We also offer economy gasket sheets for contractor and PVF (pipe, valve & fitting) industries, as well as hydro-test gasketing.

Premium sheets suit a wide range of severe applications:

  • Durlon® 8300 – A carbon-fiber compressed sheet for elevated pressures and temperatures.
  • Durlon® 8400 – Commonly used in pulp and paper, power generation, and chemical processing industries, this sheet has the widest pH range of any compressed gasket (2–13).
  • Durlon® 8500 – Exhibits excellent sealability with steam, hydrocarbon, and new generation refrigerants.
  • Durlon® 8600 – Designed for applications involving steam, condensate, and diluted acids.
  • Durlon® 8700 – A premium chloroprene gasket material with superior sealability in refrigerants such as Freon.
  • Durlon® 8900 – Contains high strength fibers and graphite fillers bonded with nitrile (NBR) synthetic rubber to withstand high temperature and pressure applications.

Economy sheets include the following Durlon® gasket materials:

  • Durlon® 5000 – Commercial grade for moderate service conditions. It contains high strength mineral fibers and fillers bonded with NBR.
  • Durlon® 7900 (off-white)/7925 (green)/7950 (blue) – Economy grade with NBR binder for mild service in piping, equipment, or OEM applications in steam, hydrocarbons and refrigerants. These are economical alternatives when service applications are not severe.
  • Durlon® 7910 – Approved for potable water applications requiring NSF/ANSI 61 certified material. These are preferred over smaller elastomer sheets to suit hot and cold water and waste-water industries.


Manufactured in a computer controlled, contaminate-free environment, PTFE gasket material provide superior sealability, torque retention, consistency, and excellent chemical resistance with complete traceability.

  • Durlon® 9000 (blue) and 9000N (neutral/off-white) – Highly resistant to aggressive chemicals.
  • Durlon® 9002 – Designed to meet extreme cryogenic system demands.
  • Durlon® 9200W – Resistant to aggressive monomers, this sheet is best equipped for situations requiring a barium-sulfate filled PTFE material.
  • Durlon® 9400 – Carbon-fiber filled PTFE designed for environments containing hydrofluoric acids and anhydrous hydrogen fluoride (AHF).
  • Durlon® 9600 – Expanded PTFE gasket material designed for use in process piping and equipment in chemical, pulp and paper, food and beverage, and other general industrial applications.


GRl® Identa-Seal® is the first color-coded sealing material family manufactured from 100% Genuine Viton® fluoroelastomer. After extensive third party testing, these seals were found to be more chemical and temperature resistant than carbon black filled materials.


Available in homogenous sheets, laminated styles, and high purity grades that inhibit oxidation, these materials complement Durlon® compressed sheet gaskets.

  • Flexible Graphite Sheet – Heat resistant over a wide temperature range, it’s suitable for cryogenic temperatures while maintaining low electrical resistivity and high thermal conductivity.


The Durlon® Durtec® design uses a proprietary corrugated metal profile core; this seals cyclical pressure and temperature, insulates against high vibrations, and reduces blowouts.

  • Durlon® Durtec® – Fire safe gaskets that withstand high temperatures, intense pressures, blowout, and corrosive chemicals. They have a much lower leakage rate than spiral wound gaskets. Available with flexible graphite or expanded PTFE facing.
  • Durlon® CFG – Fire safe, blow-out resistant, and high spring in order to seal imperfect flanges on a variety of finishes in severe applications.
  • Durlon® Kammprofile – The preferred choice for applications requiring improved performance at low seating stresses. The serrated peaks provide reduced contact area and when combined with the soft conformable sealing layers, the Durlon® Kammprofile gasket provides a virtual metal-to-metal connection.


Made with an alternating combination of a preformed engineered metal strip and a more compressible filler material, this gasket creates a resilient seal because the strip’s shape acts as a spring under load.

Durlon® SWG styles have precise manufacturing tolerances allowing for lower stress sealing than conventional spiral wound gaskets. All Durlon® SWG gaskets are manufactured to ASME B16.20 standards and comply with API Specification Q1.

There are three standard Durlon® Spiral Wound Gaskets:

  • Style D – Sealing element
  • Style DR– Sealing element (D) and centering ring (R), acting as a compression stop
  • Style DRI – Sealing element (D), centering ring (R), and inner ring (I), protecting sealing element from erosion and buckling while improving radial strength


  • Durlon® 8900 – This premium grade compressed sheet gasket material with strong chemical resistance can withstand super-heated steam, temperatures up to 925° F, operating temperatures between -100° F (-73° C) and 752° F (400° C), and pressures up to 2000 psi.
  • Durlon® HT1000® – This mica sheet with low binder content provides excellent sealability at temperatures up to 1,800°F (1,000°C). Available with no carrier, a 0.002” thick stainless steel carrier, or a 0.004” thick stainless steel perforated carrier.
  • Durlon® Durtec®  – Fire-safe flexible graphite material that includes a proprietary corrugated metal core for added mechanical support and pressure resistance.
  • Durlon® ETG (Extreme Temperature Gaskets) – This brand new, semi-metallic, oxidation-inhibiting gasket combines inhibited flexible graphite with our extreme heat resistant HT1000® mica material able to withstand temperatures to 1,832° F (1,000° C).


A highly fibrillated PTFE form-in-place sealant for gasketed joints, it is supplied in spools independent of flange dimensions. Available in various thicknesses with an adhesive backing, it exhibits high tensile strength, flexibility, compressibility, and stability under high temperature.

  • FDA Compliant PTFE to 21 CFR 177.1550
  • FDA Compliant Adhesive to 21 CFR 175.105

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