Welded PTFE

Large, welded Durlon® filled PTFE gaskets provide a reliable one-piece constructed gasket, eliminating the typical need for dovetails and associated leak paths that are common in sectioned large diameter gaskets. Gasket Resources Inc. developed a proprietary process that produces welded Durlon® filled PTFE gaskets with outside diameters that exceed 60 inches.

To develop these gaskets, segments are flash cut to meet the required dimensions before being welded to the proper gasket size. The flash cut segments are then welded using a heat and pressure-based method that eliminates the need for an adhesive. This welding process, which uses proprietary equipment fabricated specifically for Gasket Resources Inc., creates a stronger seal than a traditional adhesive process.

Gasket Resources Inc. can manufacture large welded gaskets with thicknesses up to a ¼  inch and as thin as a 1/16 inch thick. Tolerances for these materials can be held at +/- 1/32 inches. Welded gaskets can be manufactured out of the following Durlon® materials:

Large gaskets can be utilized across a number of diverse applications, including:

  • Chemical vessels and reactors
  • Food and beverage vessels or equipment
  • Pulp and paper digesters
Welded PTFE fabricated to your specifications can help you in many ways at a tremendous cost savings.
Each factory weld is stamped to ensure you are getting quality Durlon® workmanship.
Welded Durlon® PTFE offers tremendous cost savings. Add to that our quick turnaround capabilities and we will make you a hero in your customers’ eyes.

All Durlon® welded gaskets are factory-produced and marked “Factory Weld” to ensure that the welds conform to Gasket Resources Inc.’s high standards. To maintain these standards, we manually inspect each gasket and only implement the weld-point stamp upon approval.

Each gasket is carefully inspected to ensure that each product adheres to strict quality requirements; this process includes measuring the welded area to quality-assure thickness, measuring the ID and OD to ensure dimensional tolerance, and logging the inspection results for each welded gasket.

For any questions regarding our large gasket welding process, or to learn more about our gasket product offerings, please contact us.