CNC Lathe Cutting Capabilities

Gasket Resources Inc. excels at providing fast, precise results in lathe cutting. Utilizing CNC lathes, we work with billets of Durlon® 9000 PTFE with outside diameters of up to 24 inches, and a maximum gasket size of 23 ⅞ inches. Tolerances are typically held at +/- .010 for inner and outer diameters, and +/- .002 for thickness.

Advantages to Lathe Cutting

Lathe cutting a gasket material offers a number of inherent advantages. Customers save money with our proprietary billet molding process & lathe cutting, which causes less wasted material. Lathe cutting our cylindrical Durlon® 9000 billets eliminates the center waste that comes with cutting from sheet; as PTFE is sold by the pound, this is an incredibly important factor. By lathe cutting, we reduce our customers’ unwanted material, which can render up to 30% in savings. Also, for every gasket we lathe cut, we have traceability—all the way back to the raw materials and the date it was manufactured. Finally, Gasket Resources Inc. is the only company offering branded PTFE material in billet form. Our competitors cannot offer the same functionality.

Our Standards

Our partners often require compliance with the Federal Rail Administration (FRA) standards. Our lathe cut gaskets adhere to the following standards:

  • ASTMF37 (Standard Test Methods for Sealability of Gasket Materials)
  • FDA 21 CFR 177.1550 (Food and Drug Materials)
  • TA-Luft, VDI Guideline 2440 Approved
  • Up to 5X ASTM F147 (Standard Test Method for Flexibility of Non-Metallic Gasket Materials)
  • Independently tested and certified for Oxygen Service (BAM)
  • Dry Chlorine Service, liquid and gaseous, approved

additional information

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