Gasket Resources Inc. has been manufacturing high quality gaskets and other fluid sealing solutions since 2002. Our standard and customized gaskets are utilized by a number of industries, including pulp and paper, rail tank transportation, chemical processing, power generation, pharmaceutical, waste and water management, and more.

While GRI® is well known for strict quality control measures, hands-on training programs, and Durlon® gaskets, our gasket fabrication methods are capable of creating a wide range custom gasket designs.


Gasket Resources Inc. is committed to providing our customers with high quality products and on-time delivery with speed, service, and support, resulting in a high level of Customer Satisfaction. Our employees and management practice continual improvement of our processes, safety, product and service, and the company itself while ensuring compliance with applicable requirements.


With a facility in Pennsylvania, GRI® manufactures sealing solutions products using three primary fabrication methods — gasket cutting, welding, and lathe cutting.

Gasket Cutting

Cutting, in its various forms, is one of the most common gasket fabrication methods. Many manufacturers use stamping machines to cut gaskets, which require tool and die builds; this can be costly in terms of both time and money. Additionally, stamped parts often require secondary machining, such as deburring, to be completed. As a result of these shortcomings, GRI® primarily uses a knife cutting process.

Using cutting edge ATOM FlashCut systems, GRI® can manufacture gaskets faster sooner than those produced using stamping machines. The cuts, which can be made to tolerances of 1/32” or tighter, come out perfectly every time so that your gaskets require little to no secondary finishing processes.

Our machines can work with a number of sheet materials — including Durlon® 9000 PTFE, premium and economy compressed sheet, and more — in thicknesses up to ¼”. GRI® also maintains ATOM Travelling Head Cutting Presses, used in the rare cases when a gasket design, desired material, or desired material thickness is unsuited to knife cutting.

Laser Metal Cutting

Our fiber sheet laser cutter is used for cutting thin sheet metal like: carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper, and various other metals. With power ranges from 1000watts – 3000watts, our laser cutting machine can cut thin metal sheets quickly and accurately and up to 25/32″, and has passed the CE/FDA/ETL certification for safe and effective use.


Sometimes applications require custom gaskets with dimensions that are larger than our cutting equipment can accommodate — our largest ATOM FlashCut machine has a table that measures 60 inches by 120 inches. Very large gaskets are common in chemical reactors, and food and beverage vessels.

In these cases, we use our knife cutting machines to manufacture individual segments of a gasket. Most manufacturers design interlocking dovetails into the components and connect them with adhesive, a method that is prone to developing leak paths.

At GRI®, however, we connect gasket components with a proprietary welding we developed through years of experience. Using one-of-a-kind equipment designed and created specifically for GRI®, we can fabricate welded PTFE gaskets of any size that will remain stronger than traditional dovetail gaskets.

Lathe Cutting

The only PTFE gasket material approved for use with a number of industrial important chlor-alkali chemicals — wet chlorine, dry chlorine, oxygen and sulfuric acid, ethylene dichloride, vinyl chrloride, and sodium hydroxide — is Durlon® 9000. The best way to create gaskets with Durlon® 9000 is with lathe cutting.

GRI® makes lathe cut PTFE gaskets using only the best quality billets of Durlon® 9000. The material quality is so high, and the lathe cutting process so precise, that all Durlon® 9000 gaskets lathe cut by GRI® pass the strictest standards.

Gaskets from GRI®

Between these three manufacturing methods, we can produce even the most unique and challenging custom gasket designs.

To learn more about the varieties of fluid sealing solutions that GRI® can fabricate, download our free product catalog today.