Pulp & Paper

Pulp & Paper

Pulp & Paper

At Gasket Resources Inc. we have a long list of Pulp and Paper customers that include the “Who’s Who” in the Pulp and Paper industry.  It doesn’t matter if your mill is manufacturing Uncoated Freesheet, Containerboard, Kraft Paper, Fluff Pulp, Paper or Tissue Pulp we have your fluid sealing needs covered and the experience to answer your most technical fluid sealing questions.

Pulp and Paper Standardization:

GRI® has implemented many gasket standardization programs in the Pulp and Paper Industry, each tailored to the unique mill applications and  requirements.  We work with Purchasing, Stores and Planners to ensure a streamlined, economical supply chain solutions that includes local cutting distribution and we work with Engineering, Maintenance Management and Reliability Engineering to ensure proper gasket selection, MOC requirements are supported and hands on bolted joint training is scheduled when desired. 

It doesn’t matter if your mill is a batch or continuous digester mill we will work hard to deliver The Durlon® Advantage- “Keep it Simple”

  • Enabling you to significantly reduce the number of different gaskets in your processes
  • Fewer gasket problems
  • Enhanced process safety
  • More cost effective


Durlon® 9000 is the one gasket that is recommended and used successfully everyday in Pulp and Paper chemical applications such as:

  • 50% Sodium Hydroxide at 360f
  • Chlorine Dry, Liquid or Vapor, commonly 200f at 300PSIG
  • Chlorine Wet at 260f
  • Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) at 200f

(*Durlon® 9000 is listed in Pamphlet 95, The Chlorine Institute)