Material Spotlight Series: Spiral Wound Gaskets

What is a Spiral Wound Gasket?

A spiral wound gasket (SWG) is an engineered sealing solution designed for a wide range of sealing applications.

The Durlon® spiral wound gasket is manufactured with an alternating combination of preformed engineered metal strip and a more compressible filler material; this design creates an excellent seal when compressed.

The shape of the metal strip has been engineered to act as a loaded spring, creating a very resilient seal under varying conditions. The filler material and strip metallurgy can be selected for specific sealing applications.

Gasket Resources Inc. offers three styles of spiral wound gaskets:

  • Style D: Consists of a sealing element (D) only; can seal a wide range of applications and varying conditions.
  • Style DR: Consists of a sealing element (D) and a centering ring (R). The centering ring is an external ring that accurately centers the gasket on a flange face and acts as a compression stop.
  • Style DRI: Consists of a sealing element (D), centering ring (R), and inner ring (I). The inner ring protects the gasket from corrosive substances and high temperatures, providing an additional compression stop, as well as protection from inward buckling at high pressures.

Advantages of Using Spiral Wound Gaskets

Durlon® spiral wound gaskets are manufactured to precise tolerances that allow for lower stress (bolt load) sealing compared to conventional spiral wound gaskets. The initial seal requires very low seating stress and provides a tight seal.

The Durlon® SWGs offer high mechanical durability and excellent resiliency under both high pressures and fluctuating temperatures.

Additionally, the DR- and DRI-style Spiral wound gaskets are zinc-electro-plated to provide excellent resistance to corrosive and toxic substances.

The inner ring in the DRI-style SWG protects the flange and sealing element from erosion, improves the gasket’s radial strength, and increases its resistance to inward buckling.

Common Applications

Spiral wound gaskets provide ideal sealing solutions for flanged joints, heat exchangers, boiler handholes, and manholes.

They are excellent gaskets for many high pressure and high temperature applications, including applications that involve corrosions and toxins.

For more information on Durlon® SWGs, download a free copy of The Durlon® Spiral Wound Gasket Brochure. To learn more about any of our other products, download our product catalog or contact us today.