Five Fabrication Advantages for Choosing Durlon®

The welded Durlon® services available at Gasket Resources Inc. allow for the manufacture of large-diameter gaskets with single-piece construction. The innovative proprietary welding process developed by GRI produces welded Durlon® filled PTFE gaskets with outside diameters that can exceed 60”.

GRI_-_Welded_Gasket.jpgBy providing a one-piece construction, welded Durlon® gaskets eliminates the need for dovetails and leak paths that are found in common sectioned large-diameter gaskets. Welded Durlon® gaskets are commonly used for chemical vessels and reactors, for beverage vessels and equipment, as well as for pulp and paper digesters.

GRI also offers the unique service of lathe-cut Durlon® 9000 PTFE. Durlon® 9000 gaskets can be lathe cut, in which the gasket is rotated about its axis while being cut.20120612_gri_1004-3.jpg

The lathe-cut Durlon® 9000 is another cost-effective alternative to conventional die-cut gaskets. This service eliminates costly center waste and is an ideal solution for creating large-diameter gaskets, such as Rail Road Bolted and Hinged Manway Gaskets. Durlon® gaskets provide numerous benefits, especially:

  1. Cost Savings: In contrast to conventional die cutting methods, the welded Durlon® and lathe-cut Durlon® services provide cost-effective fabrication alternatives.
  2. FDA Compliant: Welded Durlon® gaskets conform to FDA regulations.
  3. Eliminate Waste: Lathe-cut Durlon® gaskets eliminate the costly center waste
  4. Effective: The large-diameter welded Durlon® gaskets possess the same physical properties as large diameter die-cut gaskets.
  5. Efficiency: Cost-effective large-diameter gaskets are produced using lathe-cut Durlon® services.

The Durlon® Advantage with Gasket Resources Inc.

Gasket Resources Inc. is a world leader in providing customers with innovative fluid sealing solutions. All of our products are developed and manufactured in our research and development facility in Downingtown, PA.

Our facility features the latest technologies and advancements to meet the demands of a wide variety of changing needs within the industry. The facilities at GRI meet the highest standards of production and quality, including ISO 9001:2015. Our facility features PTFE welding services, Durlon® PTFE lathe cutting services, computerized high speed die cutting equipment, steel interchangeable ID/OD tooling, and more.

To learn more about the advantages of choosing Durlon® products, download Gasket Resources Inc.’s free eBook, Spiral Wound Gasket Guide.