Shelf Life, Handling & Storage

GRI’s fabrication facility features the most technologically advanced machinery such as the “Flash Cutter” to ensure exacting tolerances.

The shelf life for Durlon® gasketing products is as follows:

Durlon® compressed sheet materials stored under normal conditions, the shelf life is five years.

Durlon® PTFE sheet – unlimited

Durlon® flexible graphite and CFG – unlimited

  • Gasket material should be stored in a cool, dry location. Avoid storage of material in direct sunlight or near heaters. Avoid contact with water, oil or chemicals. Gaskets should not be stored so that they become too tightly packed and damaged.
  • Aging is a factor that should be considered. Each material, however, ages differently. Under normal storage conditions, three to five years is acceptable for compressed materials. Filled PTFE and flexible graphite can be stored indefinitely. All full-sized sheets and rolls of Durlon®compressed materials are date coded and traceable.
  • All dust producing processes such as drilling, grinding and sawing should not be used on gasket materials.
  • Follow any special instructions for the equipment or fluid to be sealed: for example, oxygen service or low chloride requirements.
  • Avoid hanging gaskets on pegs or nails as this may cause distortion of the gasket. When stocking the shelves or bins where gasket materials are stored, the material should be rotated by placing the older material first or on top with the newer material behind or under it.
  • All gasket material should be identified (branded) to guard against misapplication. Gaskets should be properly marked to insure there is no confusion between different classes and/or sizes.