Physical/Mech Properties

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ASTM F104, the Standard Classification System for Nonmetallic Gasket Materials, includes a line call-out encompassing ASTM test methods for evaluating the physical and mechanical properties of nonmetallic gasket materials.

Some of these ASTM tests are:

  • F 36 – Compressibility and Recovery
  • F 37 – Sealability
  • F 38 – Creep-relaxation
  • F 146 – Fluid Resistance
  • F1574 – Compressive Strength

In addition to ASTM tests, we also do testing to BSI (British Standards), DIN (German Institute for Standardization) and FSA (Fluid Sealing Association) standards. These tests include:

  • BSI – F125A – Hot Compression
  • DIN – 3535 – Gas Permeability
  • FSA – NMG-204 – High Pressure Saturated Steam Test

These tests are outlined in the test methods section.