The Program

SecureTrack® is a comprehensive and customizable program designed by Gasket Resources Inc. (GRI®) that standardizes materials, equipment, procedures and bolt tightening methods to eliminate bolted joint related NARs on railroad tank cars. SecureTrack® terminates NARs by utilizing highly reliable standardized gasket materials that are compatible with virtually any shipping commodity and by ensuring proper installation procedures and bolt tightening methods.


  • Eliminates overstock
  • Consolidates gasket choices from hundreds to just one or two
  • Alleviates maintenance cost, costly downtime and NARs

An alliance with authorized Durlon® distributors and fabricators strategically located across the United States ensures product availability, authenticity, technical support and training for all participants. Through SecureTrack®, GRI trains technicians on proper bolted flange assembly installation, including basic bolted joint knowledge and proper installation, to ensure a tight and lasting seal. These best practice procedures alleviate the problems of improper installation, preventing leakage that leads to NARs.


SecureTrack® eliminates bolted joint related NARs on railroad tank cars. All facilities and repair shops replacing these gaskets follow the program’s “Bolted Flange Joint Assembly Procedure Manual” to ensure consistency and accuracy every time. By incorporating these best practices and the use of reliable standardized gaskets throughout the supply chain, SecureTrack® eliminates variables and errors associated with servicing tank cars.


SecureTrack® uses standardized gasket materials suitable for nearly all railroad tank car shipments. Durlon® 9000, 9600 and Genuine Viton® allow for the consolidation of inventory into just one or two materials per fleet. This simplification provides the shipper with a tremendous cost savings on inventory and ensures that the right product is always available.


SecureTrack® alleviates problems associated with gasket selection and NARs, including costly cleanup, fines and environmental concerns. The comprehensive program makes it easy for fleet risk managers to make complex decisions and provides a concise and accurate map of procedures and training for participants.

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