SecureTrack® Will Reduce Bolted Joint Related Non-Accident Releases (NARs)

SecureTrack® Will Reduce Bolted Joint Related Non-Accident Releases (NARs)

New ProgramStandardizes Gasket Materials on Railroad Tank Cars & Ensures Proper Installation Procedures

(Downingtown, PA) – SecureTrack®, a new comprehensive and customizable program designed by Gasket Resources Inc. (GRI®), standardizes materials, equipment, procedures and bolt tightening methods to eliminate bolted joint related non-accident releases (NARs) on railroad tank cars. SecureTrack® reduces NARs by utilizing highly reliable standardized gasket materials that are compatible with virtually any shipping commodity and by ensuring proper installation procedures and bolt tightening methods.

While the overall percentage of NARs has decreased significantly in the past 15 years, the Association of American Railroads reports that the number of shipments continues to increase, making NARs a costly problem for railroad shippers. A NAR is the unintentional release of a hazardous material while in transportation, including loading and unloading, and not involving an accident. NARs consist of leaks, splashes, and other releases from improperly secured or defective valves, fittings, and tank shells, and also include venting of non-atmospheric gases from safety relief devices.

Railroad shippers are responsible for ensuring that no commodity is leaking from any component and specifying safe and reliable gaskets for their products, yet it is impossible for repair shops and mobile units to stock every brand of gasket on the market. SecureTrack® ends challenges for railroad shippers by preventing NARs through the elimination of overstock, the consolidation gasket choices from hundreds to just one or two and by alleviating maintenance costs and costly downtime.

Benefits of SecureTrack® include:

  • Standardization: Maintain proper inventory by having the right gasket every time with no chance of using the wrong gasket type.
  • Compatibility: One or two gasket materials are compatible with most fluids shipped.
  • Performance: Durlon® 9000 is a proven rail gasket. The Genuine Viton® gaskets are produced and marked with complete documentation.
  • Simplification: Material choices are easy.
  • Safety: Best practice assembly procedures ensure safety is the priority.
  • Overall cost savings.

SecureTrack® consolidates gasket selection to one or two materials per fleet. Durlon® 9000 was developed using the most sophisticated manufacturing process in the PTFE gasketing industry.  When a soft gasket is desired, SecureTrack® offers an ePTFE, Durlon® 9600, an expanded PTFE made from only pure PTFE resins. Genuine Viton® is also offered in all grades. The alliance with authorized Durlon® distributors and fabricators strategically located across the United States ensures product availability, authenticity, technical support and training for all participants.

Through SecureTrack®, GRI® trains technicians on proper bolted flange assembly installation, including basic bolted joint knowledge and proper installation, to ensure a tight and lasting seal. These best practice procedures alleviate the problems of improper installation, preventing leakage that leads to NARs.

To learn more about SecureTrack® program and how Durlon® and Genuine Viton® gaskets are compatible for product shipments, contact Gasket Resources Inc. at 866-707-7300 or