The Challenge

A recent Association of American Railroads report found that more than 90 percent of railroad hazardous material non-accident releases (NARs) involved non-pressure tank cars1. Approximately 44 percent of all NARs occurred on bolted manways alone.

While the overall percentage of NARs has decreased significantly in the past 15 years, the number of shipments continues to increase, making NARs a costly problem for railroad shippers. The shipper is responsible for ensuring that no commodity is leaking from any component, yet the seemingly simple process of gasket replacement can be complex.

Railroad tank cars carry about 1,500 different commodities, creating hundreds of gasket choices. Railroad shippers are responsible for specifying safe and reliable gaskets for their products, yet it is impossible for repair shops and mobile units to stock every brand of gasket on the market.

A delay in turnaround time for cars waiting for a particular gasket results in costly downtime. Additionally, proper gasket installation requires trained personnel. SecureTrack™ ends these challenges for railroad shippers and helps prevent NARs.

Although our customers select gasket materials, we think that gasket standardization has advantages. It not only reduces car turnaround time, but it enhances process safety and reliability. The more you can eliminate variables when servicing a car, the more you reduce the possibility of error.

— G. A. Cieslak, UTLX General Manager