Carbon-Filled PTFE & Teflon Gaskets

Hydrogen fluoride is a dangerous but critical component for various applications in the chemical processing industry, including gasoline production, specialty metal manufacturing, glass etching and polishing, stainless steel pickling, and semiconductor preparation. When mixed with water, hydrogen fluoride forms hydrofluoric acid, a corrosive fluid capable of causing severe burns and irritation if processes are not properly managed.

Because of its caustic nature, applications involving hydrogen fluoride can often be difficult to seal; there are a limited number of gasket materials available to achieve a safe, reliable seal. With superior compression and wear resistance, carbon-filled PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is the most effective sealing material available for pipe flanges, heat exchangers, and vessel openings in hydrogen fluoride applications.

The Challenge of Supplying Gaskets Compatible with Hydrogen Fluoride

Not only are gaskets for hydrogen fluoride applications difficult to come by, but so are the suppliers that provide them. Carbon-filled PTFE gaskets are infrequently produced; only a small number of manufacturers make this material, and when they do, it’s usually on a quarterly basis. Hydrogen fluoride is often run on a limited surplus through advanced ordering, and once it’s gone, it doesn’t become available for purchase until the next production run.

As demand rises for these types of gaskets, prices have been steadily increasing; many distributors are taking advantage of the material’s limited availability. At Gasket Resources Inc. (GRI), however, we believe that carbon-filled PTFE should be offered year-round, at a fair price.

GRI® provides Durlon® 9400, a perennially stocked carbon-filled PTFE gasket material designed for the rigor of hydrogen fluoride applications and aggressive chemical processes.

Our team understands the consequences of not having the right gasket replacement when you need it. That’s why we stock this material year-round and ship it out nationwide within 24-48 hours. For applications that call for a large gasket, GRI® also manufactures a one-piece Durlon® 9400 gasket with an outside diameter that exceeds 60 inches by utilizing our propriety welding process.

Finding the Right Gasket for Common Chemicals

When you partner with GRI®, not only can you rely on a dependable supply of replacement parts when you need them, but you’ll also have access to our technical support team and a multitude of online resources.

To help our partners in the chemical processing industry, we offer free online resources to assist with choosing the right gasket. Find the right gasket for the chemical you are working with by utilizing our chemical compatibility tool.